A Mind for God

Several years ago, I was challenged to read James Emery White’s A Mind for God and was taught that I need to a life-long learner and exercise my mind daily: read, study, plan, dream, evaluate.  More recently in my Bible study group as we have gone over Romans 12:1-3 again and again and again, I have been taught:

  • God has transformed my life and given me the ability to renew my mind through studying the Bible so that I might know “what God’s up to” namely His will.
  • To honestly evaluate where I am in life, that is to live intentionally – on purpose for a purpose.  Not to just drift through life but plan it out according to the new insights I am receiving, knowing God’s will.
  • To serve others with the spiritual gifts & abilities God has giving me.

Develop your mind
Q – What has God said to you in the Bible in the last 24 hours?
Q – Did you write it down?
Q – What are you going to do next considering God has spoken to you?

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