In teaching you have two basic options: lecture or discussion.

Lecture – one person dominates the time with his thoughts and insights. Effective if the speaker is a good communicator.

Discussion – one person directs the discussion with a theme or topic and introductory thoughts and insights. Then that person begins to ask clarification questions digging into the core of the topic not by himself but with all those present.

Josh Hunt teaches it here in the T.I.G.E.R. method.  The method of “questions” is under Teach

Teach a half way decent lesson each and every week; nothing less will do.

Invite every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month.

Give Friday nights to Jesus for an informal time of games, laughter, Diet Coke and coffee cake. When you do, 90% of your visitors will join.

Encourage the group toward ministry.

Reproduce your group every two years or less.


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