Life Is Too Short

The verse Romans 12:15 at first seems out of place among verses speaking about blessing those that persecute you and not repaying evil for evil. “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” But then as you look at v. 16 and the emphasis on caring about others 1st, you see He is saying that […]

How to Relax in a Hammock

Complicated. If life is often anything, it is surely that – complicated.  So we long for the simple life and anything that promises simplicity sells: hammocks and cruises. But after an hour swinging from a tree or returning from Cancun for the 6th time, life is still complicated. There are situations that aren’t simple and on which […]

Life Changing Words

Oswald Chambers Sept12/¶ 2 — No matter how distant the Father may seem, it is just that, He only seems far away but He is not. Often He shrouds His friendship; He wraps His fatherhood in a shadow, but He is always near no matter what might seem to the contrary. Why?  We don’t yet know but we […]

Keystone Christianity

Keystone Christianity meaning there is an ingredient that binds our faith walk, meaning how we live, to what we say we believe. It is found throughout the Bible either as a principle taught or in a life illustration.  Psalm 132 is an example. In the midst of hardships (v. 1), David’s passion was to make […]