Keystone Christianity

Keystone Christianity meaning there is an ingredient that binds our faith walk, meaning how we live, to what we say we believe.

It is found throughout the Bible either as a principle taught or in a life illustration.  Psalm 132 is an example.

In the midst of hardships (v. 1), David’s passion was to make a house for the Lord, the Mighty One of Jacob. Never mind, that it would be another one that would finish that task, David still sought with all he had to find a house for his Lord.  It was his deep desire and passion to seek after and run after the things of God even if he never had anything material to show for it.  His pursuit of and passion for God was his great reward.

Passion spelled out as, (vv. 2-5) “I will not go to my home, to bed, close my eyes to rest until The Mighty One of Jacob has a dwelling.

It explains why he is known as a man after God’s Own Heart.  The very heart and passion of God was his heart.  God pursues us in the same way.

Question:  In what way will you be passionate about God, The Mighty One of Jacob?  In what you say or do, make your belief real.

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