I grew up in West Texas, Odessa to be specific. It was flat country just like this picture and it was the 50’s and 60’s. The TV series “Happy Days” will show you how it was. It was Nicky’s Drive-in and the steak finger basket which was oh so delicious.

Nicky’s had a pin ball machine, too. One pin ball machine, that’s all and it kept us entertained. There were no computers, iAnything, or car tape players. It was the radio or nothing. One DJ was named, “Wolf Man Jack”. And next door to Nicky’s Drive-in was a pool hall. It was where the guys with cigarette packs rolled up in the sleeves of their white T-shirts hung out. We didn’t go in there, at first.

It was an innocent time or at least it seemed innocent. There was talk of alcohol. There were no drugs at all. That was until February 1964 and the Ed Sullivan show, which Ed pronouned “shoe”.

Q – Wasn’t it on at 7 on Sunday nights?
Q – What happened that night in 1964? The Beatles

After that night everything began to change. The next morning it was all we talked about in the band hall. I found my hair getting longer and my attitude getting noticed more by my parents. It was a social revolution which literally changed the world. But we didn’t know that; we were just having fun. By 1969, there was the Vietnam War, Woodstock and me – a 22 year old Army private. Now it’s 2011 and we still haven’t gotten over that revolution. Want proof?
1. My 3rd grade granddaughter is singing “Hey Jude” in a school play this month. She sings it very well, perfectly in fact.

2. Q – How many peace symbols will you see today?
Q – Do you know what it stands for?
4. Once I saw a Broadway presentation of a tribute to the Beatles.

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