Peace and Patience

Guest Blogger | Every so often, I receive letters from my brother. Some are just to me and others are to my family as a whole. This week he wrote a bunch of quotes that says “I feel ____ because _____” as part of his therapy. As I read thru, I came across one that […]

When God’s plan is unknown

Guest Blogger | Sometimes I find it so hard to give my everything to God. It’s hard to fully let go when God’s plan is unknown and when you feel like yours is better. My prayer today is that I find patience and faith in my walk with God. Jeremiah 17:7-8 to anyone who needs a […]

Rowing on a night sea…

Jesus, be a guiding star before me. Be a soothing wake behind me. Be a rolling path before me. Be a flaming hope within me. Be all these things – now and forever. |unknown poet | from The Power of Prayer & Fasting | Ronnie Floyd You might also be interested in: When God’s plan […]