All You Need

My Power is made perfect in your weakness.  2 Cor 12:9 Imagine sitting beside Jesus, exhausted & unable to stand when He says, “My power is made perfect in your weakness.”  He is saying if you want to stand you can; I’ll help you because my grace (my ability in your heart, soul mind & strength) is […]

Your Next Chapter

Jesus Christ is writing on your heart.  It is your story and the stories of those lives you influence. What chapter of your life is being written? Would you mind if it was read by everyone? Other lives are the result of your life.  Is your life lived well? Are you comfortable with the intimacy of the Spirit of […]

Learning a new thing

I have noticed that the latest thing is apps and blogs and websites that help make your brain healthy.  Actually they are pretty cool.  Mostly games that stress and stretch your thinking.  It kinda reminds me of Algebra class – that really massaged the grey matter. Anyway, if you like try them out:,, […]